Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

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Numerical study on mixing flow behavior in gas-liquid ejector


gas-liquid ejector, gas-liquid two-phase flow, CFD modeling, mixing flow characteristics, mixing shock


A multiphase mathematic model based on realizable k-ε turbulence model for subsonic flow was presented to investigate the mixing flow behaviors between gas and water in the gas-liquid ejector. The simulation was carried out to predict the pumping performance of the ejector by a commercial computational code ANSYS-FLUENT 15.0. General agreements between the predicted results and experimental data validated the present theoretical model. Using the present approach, the pressure, velocity, and turbulence intensity distribution along center-line and contours of gas and liquid volume fraction profiles were predicted. It is found that the mixing process between gas and water in ejector can be divided into three periods, co-axial flow, mixing shock flow, and bubble flow. The prediction results show that the mixing shock is a dominant position in affecting the mixing flow behavior in gas-liquid ejector and the ejector’s performances.


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