Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow

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Large eddy simulation of multiphase flows using the volume of fluid method: Part 1—Governing equations and a priori analysis


two-phase flow LES, governing equations, filtering, Favre filtering, volume averaging, a priori analysis


Compared to Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of single-phase flows, which has become a mature and viable turbulence modelling technique, the LES of two-phase flows with moving immiscible interfaces is at a rather early development stage. There is no standard set of governing equations for two-phase flow LES, but rather a variety of different formulations, all with advantages and disadvantages. This paper discusses and analyses in detail the governing equations for two-phase flow LES in the context of the Volume of Fluid method, as well as suitable Subgrid Scale closures for the different unknown terms. A particular focus is on the Favre filtered one fluid formulation of the momentum equations, but a comparison with the filtered and the volume averaged version of the balance equations is made as well. Differences and commonalities between the different approaches are discussed and, based on a priori analysis of explicitly filtered Direct Numerical Simulation data, suitable closure models for a posteriori analysis are identified.


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