Computational Visual Media


multi-page photo collage, balance-aware measurements, non-dominated sorting, genetic algorithm


The development of social networking services (SNSs) revealed a surge in image sharing. The sharing mode of multi-page photo collage (MPC), which posts several image collages at a time, can often be observed on many social network platforms, which enables uploading images and arrangement in a logical order. This study focuses on the construction of MPC for an image collection and its formulation as an issue of joint optimization, which involves not only the arrangement in a single collage but also the arrangement among different collages. Novel balance-aware measurements, which merge graphic features and psy-chological achievements, are introduced. Non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm is adopted to optimize the MPC guided by the measurements. Experiments demonstrate that the proposed method can lead to diverse, visually pleasant, and logically clear MPC results, which are comparable to manually designed MPC results.