Computational Visual Media


face view correction, 3D face reconstruction;deep learning, online communication


Face views are particularly important in person-to-person communication. Differenes between the camera location and the face orientation can result in undesirable facial appearances of the participants during video conferencing. This phenomenon is par-ticularly noticeable when using devices where the front-facing camera is placed in unconventional locations such as below the display or within the keyboard. In this paper, we take a video stream from a single RGB camera as input, and generate a video stream that emulates the view from a virtual camera at a designated location. The most challenging issue in this problem is that the corrected view often needs out-of-plane head rotations. To address this challenge, we reconstruct the 3D face shape and re-render it into synthesized frames according to the virtual camera location. To output the corrected video stream with natural appearance in real time, we propose several novel techniques including accurate eyebrow reconstruction, high-quality blending between the corrected face image and background, and template-based 3D reconstruction of glasses. Our system works well for different lighting conditions and skin tones, and can handle users wearing glasses. Extensive experiments and user studies demonstrate that our method provides high-quality results.