Computational Visual Media


dynamic 3D scene reconstruction, deep reinforcement learning, point cloud completion, deep neural networks


Reconstructing dynamic scenes with commodity depth cameras has many applications in computer graphics, computer vision, and robotics. However, due to the presence of noise and erroneous observations from data capturing devices and the inherently ill-posed nature of non-rigid registration with insufficient information, traditional approaches often produce low-quality geometry with holes, bumps, and misalignments. We propose a novel 3D dynamic reconstruction system, named HDR-Net-Fusion, which learns to simultaneously reconstruct and refine the geometry on the fly with a sparse embedded deformation graph of surfels, using a hierarchical deep reinforcement (HDR) network. The latter comprises two parts: a global HDR-Net which rapidly detects local regions with large geometric errors, and a local HDR-Net serving as a local patch refinement operator to promptly complete and enhance such regions. Training the global HDR-Net is formulated as a novel reinforcement learning problem to implicitly learn the region selection strategy with the goal of improving the overall reconstruction quality. The applicability and efficiency of our approach are demonstrated using a large-scale dynamic reconstruction dataset. Our method can reconstruct geometry with higher quality than traditional methods.