Computational Visual Media

Article Title

Learning to assess visual aesthetics of food images


image aesthetic assessment, food image analysis, dataset, regularization


Distinguishing aesthetically pleasing food photos from others is an important visual analysis task for social media and ranking systems related to food. Nevertheless, aesthetic assessment of food images remains a challenging and relatively unexplored task, largely due to the lack of related food image datasets and practical knowledge. Thus, we present the Gourmet Photography Dataset (GPD), the first large-scale dataset for aesthetic assessment of food photos. It contains 24,000 images with corresponding binary aesthetic labels, covering a large variety of foods and scenes. We also provide a non-stationary regularization method to combat over-fitting and enhance the ability of tuned models to generalize. Quantitative results from extensive experiments, including a generalization ability test, verify that neural networks trained on the GPD achieve comparable performance to human experts on the task of aesthetic assessment. We reveal several valuable findings to support further research and applications related to visual aesthetic analysis of food images. To encourage further research, we have made the GPD publicly available at https://github.com/Openning07/GPA.


Tsinghua University Press