Computational Visual Media


Internet news visualization, sentiment score, topic models, event detection


Analyzing and understanding Internet news are important for many applications, such as market sentiment investigation and crisis management. However, it is challenging for users to interpret a massive amount of unstructured text, to dig out its accurate meaning, and to spot noteworthy news events. To overcome these challenges, we propose a novel visualization-driven approach for analyzing news text. We first collect Internet news from different sources and encode sentences into a vector representation suitable for input to a neural network, which calculates a sentiment score, to help detect news event patterns. A subsequent interactive visualization framework allows the user to explore the development of and relationships between Internet news topics. In addition, a method for detecting news events enables users and domain experts to interactively explore the correlations between market sentiment, topic distribution, and event patterns. We use this framework to provide a web-based interactive visualization system. We demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of our proposed system using case studies involving blockchainnews.


Tsinghua University Press