Computational Visual Media


interactive modeling, freeform shapes, image-guided modeling, lofting


Modeling the complete geometry of general shapes from a single image is an ill-posed problem. User hints are often incorporated to resolve ambiguities and provide guidance during the modeling process. In this work, we present a novel interactive approach for extracting high-quality freeform shapes from a single image. This is inspired by the popular lofting technique in many CAD systems, and only requires minimal user input. Given an input image, the user only needs to sketch several projected cross sections, provide a "main axis" , and specify some geometric relations. Our algorithm then automatically optimizes the common normal to the sections with respect to these constraints, and interpolates between the sections, resulting in a high-quality 3D model that conforms to both the original image and the user input. The entire modeling session is efficient and intuitive. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach based on qualitative tests on a variety of images, and quantitative comparisons with the ground truth using synthetic images.


Tsinghua University Press