Computational Visual Media


layered materials, microfacet BSDF, reflection modeling, real-time rendering


This paper proposes a lightweight bi-directional scattering distribution function (BSDF) model for layered materials with anisotropic reflection and refraction properties. In our method, each layer of the materials can be described by a microfacet BSDF using an anisotropic normal distribution function (NDF). Furthermore, the NDFs of layers can be defined on tangent vector fields, which differ from layer to layer. Our method is based on a previous study in which isotropic BSDFs are approximated by projecting them onto base planes. However, the adequateness of this previous work has not been well investigated for anisotropic BSDFs. In this paper, we demonstrate that the projection is also applicable to anisotropic BSDFs and that the BSDFs are approximated by elliptical distributions using covariance matrices.


Tsinghua University Press