Computational Visual Media


mixed reality, human computer interaction, statistical motion model


This paper presents a novel mixed reality based navigation system for accurate respiratory liver tumor punctures in radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Oursystem contains an optical see-through head-mounted display device (OST-HMD), Microsoft HoloLens for perfectly overlaying the virtual information on the patient, and a optical tracking system NDI Polaris for calibrating the surgical utilities in the surgical scene. Compared with traditional navigation method with CT, our system aligns the virtual guidance information and real patient and real-timely updates the view of virtual guidance via a position tracking system. In addition, to alleviate the difficulty during needle placement induced by respiratory motion, we reconstruct the patient-specific respiratory liver motion through statistical motion model to assist doctors precisely puncture liver tumors. The proposed system has been experimentally validated on vivo pigs with an accurate real-time registration approximately 5-mm mean FRE and TRE, which has the potential to be applied in clinical RFA guidance.


Tsinghua University Press