Computational Visual Media


image mosaic, image retrieval, image synthesis


We present a novel method to produce discernible image mosaics, with relatively large image tiles replaced by images drawn from a database, to resemble a target image. Compared to existing works on image mosaics, the novelty of our method is two-fold. Firstly, believing that the presence of visual edges in the final image mosaic strongly supports image perception, we develop an edge-aware photo retrieval scheme which emphasizes the preservation of visual edges in the target image. Secondly, unlike most previous works which apply a pre-determined partition to an input image, our image mosaics are composed of adaptive tiles, whose sizes are determined based on the available images in the database and the objective of maximizing resemblance to the target image. We show discernible image mosaics obtained by our method, using image collections of only moderate size. To evaluate our method, we conducted a user study to validate that the image mosaics generated present both globally and locally appropriate visual impressions to the human observers. Visual comparisons with existing techniques demonstrate the superiority of our method in terms of mosaic quality and perceptibility.


Tsinghua University Press