Computational Visual Media


seamless image editing, patch-based synthesis, image composition, mixed-domain, gradient-domain composition


When combining very different images which often contain complex objects and backgrounds, producing consistent compositions is a challenging problem requiring seamless image editing. In this paper, we propose a general approach, called object-aware image editing, to obtain consistency in structure, color, and texture in a unified way. Our approach improves upon previous gradient-domain composition in three ways. Firstly, we introduce an iterative optimization algorithm to minimize mismatches on the boundaries when the target region contains multiple objects of interest. Secondly, we propose a mixed-domain consistency metric for measuring gradients and colors, and formulate composition as a unified minimization problem that can be solved with a sparse linear system. In particular, we encode texture consistency using a patch-based approach without searching and matching. Thirdly, we adopt an object-aware approach to separately manipulate the guidance gradient fields for objects of interest and backgrounds of interest, which facilitates a variety of seamless image editing applications. Our unified method outperforms previous state-of-the-art methods in preserving global texture consistency in addition to local structure continuity.


Tsinghua University Press