Computational Visual Media


shape modeling, spherical topology, parametric surfaces, splines, differential geometry


Existing shape models with spherical topology are typically designed either in the discrete domain using interpolating polygon meshes or in the continuous domain using smooth but non-interpolating schemes such as subdivision or NURBS. Both polygon models and subdivision methods require a large number of parameters to model smooth surfaces. NURBS need fewer parameters but have a complicated rational expression and non-uniform shifts in their formulation. We present a new method to construct deformable closed surfaces, which includes exact spheres, by combining the best of two worlds: a smooth, interpolating model with a continuously varying tangent plane and well-defined curvature at every point on the surface. Our formulation is considerably simpler than NURBS and requires fewer parameters than polygon meshes. We demonstrate the generality of our method with applications including intuitive user-interactive shape modeling, continuous surface deformation, shape morphing, reconstruction of shapes from parameterized point clouds, and fast iterative shape optimization for image segmentation. Comparisons with discrete methods and non-interpolating approaches highlight the advantages of our framework.


Tsinghua University Press