Computational Visual Media


semi-supervised learning, dictionary learning, label propagation, image classification


Sparse coding and supervised dictionary learning have rapidly developed in recent years, and achieved impressive performance in image classification. However, there is usually a limited number of labeled training samples and a huge amount of unlabeled data in practical image classification, which degrades the discrimination of the learned dictionary. How to effectively utilize unlabeled training data and explore the information hidden in unlabeled data has drawn much attention of researchers. In this paper, we propose a novel discriminative semi-supervised dictionary learning method using label propagation (SSD-LP). Specifically, we utilize a label propagation algorithm based on class-specific reconstruction errors to accurately estimate the identities of unlabeled training samples, and develop an algorithm for optimizing the discriminative dictionary and discriminative coding vectors simultaneously. Extensive experiments on face recognition, digit recognition, and texture classification demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Tsinghua University Press