Computational Visual Media


manga, texture segmentation


Due to the lack of color in manga (Japanese comics), black-and-white textures are often used to enrich visual experience. With the rising need to digitize manga, segmenting texture regions from manga has become an indispensable basis for almost all manga processing, from vectorization to colorization. Unfortunately, such texture segmentation is not easy since textures in manga are composed of lines and exhibit similar features to structural lines (contour lines). So currently, texture segmentation is still manually performed, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming. To extract a texture region, various texture features have been proposed for measuring texture similarity, but precise boundaries cannot be achieved since boundary pixels exhibit different features from inner pixels. In this paper, we propose a novel method which also adopts texture features to estimate texture regions. Unlike existing methods, the estimated texture region is only regarded an initial, imprecise texture region. We expand the initial texture region to the precise boundary based on local smoothness via a graph-cut formulation. This allows our method to extract texture regions with precise boundaries. We have applied our method to various manga images and satisfactory results were achieved in all cases.


Tsinghua University Press