Computational Visual Media


texture, patch, image synthesis, texture synthesis


This paper surveys the state-of-the-art of research in patch-based synthesis. Patch-based methods synthesize output images by copying small regions from exemplar imagery. This line of research originated from an area called “texture synthesis”, which focused on creating regular or semi-regular textures from small exemplars. However, more recently, much research has focused on synthesis of larger and more diverse imagery, such as photos, photo collections, videos, and light fields. Additionally, recent research has focused on customizing the synthesis process for particular problem domains, such as synthesizing artistic or decorative brushes, synthesis of rich materials, and synthesis for 3D fabrication. This report investigates recent papers that follow these themes, with a particular emphasis on papers published since 2009, when the last survey in this area was published. This survey can serve as a tutorial for readers who are not yet familiar with these topics, as well as provide comparisons between these papers, and highlight some open problems in this area.


Tsinghua University Press