Computational Visual Media


calibration, focused plenoptic camera, depth prior, intrinsic parameters


The ability of light gathering of plenoptic camera opens up new opportunities for a wide range of computer vision applications. An efficient and accurate method to calibrate plenoptic camera is crucial for its development. This paper describes a 10-intrinsic-parameter model for focused plenoptic camera with misalignment. By exploiting the relationship between the raw image features and the depth-scale information in the scene, we propose to estimate the intrinsic parameters from raw images directly, with a parallel biplanar board which provides depth prior. The proposed method enables an accurate decoding of light field on both angular and positional information, and guarantees a unique solution for the 10 intrinsic parameters in geometry. Experiments on both simulation and real scene data validate the performance of the proposed calibration method.


Tsinghua University Press