Computational Visual Media


image smoothing, nonlocal similarity, L0 norm, edge detection


It is challenging to consistently smooth natural images, yet smoothing results determine the quality of a broad range of applications in computer vision. To achieve consistent smoothing, we propose a novel optimization model making use of the redundancy of natural images, by defining a nonlocal concentration regularization term on the gradient. This nonlocal constraint is carefully combined with a gradient-sparsity constraint, allowing details throughout the whole image to be removed automatically in a data-driven manner. As variations in gradient between similar patches can be suppressed effectively, the new model has excellent edge preserving, detail removal, and visual consistency properties. Comparisons with state-of-the-art smoothing methods demonstrate the effectiveness of the new method. Several applications, including edge manipulation, image abstraction, detail magnification, and image resizing, show the applicability of the new method.


Tsinghua University Press