Computational Visual Media


path planning acceleration, very large environments, motion types, abstraction


Abstract Modern computer graphics applications commonly feature very large virtual environments and diverse characters which perform different kinds of motions. To accelerate path planning in such a scenario, we propose the subregion graph data structure. It consists of subregions, which are clusters of locally connected waypoints inside a region, as well as subregion connectivities. We also present a fast algorithm to automatically generate a subregion graph from an enhanced waypoint graph map representation, which also supports various motion types and can be created from large virtual environments. Nevertheless, a subregion graph can be generated from any graph-based map representation. Our experiments show that a subregion graph is very compact relative to the input waypoint graph. By firstly planning a subregion path, and then limiting waypoint-level planning to this subregion path, over 8 times average speedup can be achieved, while average length ratios remain as low as 102.5%.


Tsinghua University Press