Computational Visual Media


multimedia computing, noise cancellation, signal denoising, sparse matrices, video signal processing, video surveillance


This paper proposes a new algorithm based on low-rank matrix recovery to remove salt & pepper noise from surveillance video. Unlike single image denoising techniques, noise removal from video sequences aims to utilize both temporal and spatial information. By grouping neighboring frames based on similarities of the whole images in the temporal domain, we formulate the problem of removing salt & pepper noise from a video tracking sequence as a low-rank matrix recovery problem. The resulting nuclear norm and L1-norm related minimization problems can be efficiently solved by many recently developed methods. To determine the low-rank matrix, we use an averaging method based on other similar images. Our method can not only remove noise but also preserve edges and details. The performance of our proposed approach compares favorably to that of existing algorithms and gives better PSNR and SSIM results.


Tsinghua University Press