Complex System Modeling and Simulation


metro, passenger flow management, pedestrian, AnyLogic


In this study, simulation software AnyLogic was used to establish a station simulation model for a metro line. First, a basic model of the environment of the metro station was drawn, and accordingly, reasonable assumptions and simplifications were proposed. Then, a diagram of the passenger walking path was created and the simulation variables and functions for passenger flow management were designed. Considering Youfangqiao Station of Nanjing Metro Line 2 in China as an example, the real passenger flow data of this station were statistically analyzed. To simulate the station passenger flow management, input parameters such as the passenger space diameter, passenger flow generation rate, delay rate of automatic fare collection equipment and security check machine, and the number of gates were considered. Passenger flow management was optimized for the morning and evening peak periods, and reasonable suggestions were proposed based on the optimization results, providing a theoretical basis for the construction planning and pre-evaluation of station operation capacities of urban rail transit systems.