Complex System Modeling and Simulation


incomplete information, social network, Deffuant model, evolutionary game


Given the fragmentation of public opinion dissemination and the lag of network users’ cognition, the paper analyzes public opinion dissemination with incomplete information, which can provide reference for us to control and guide the spread of public opinion. Based on the derivative and secondary radiation of public opinion dissemination with incomplete information, the Susceptible-Susceptible-Infected-Recovered-Recovered-Infected (SSIRR-I) model is proposed. Given the interaction between users, the Deffuant opinion dynamics model and evolutionary game theory are introduced to simulate the public opinion game between dissemination and immune nodes. Finally, the numerical simulation and results analysis are given. The results reveal that the rate of opinion convergence significantly affects disseminating public opinion, which is positively correlated with the promotion effect of the dissemination node and negatively correlated with the suppression effect of the immune node of public opinion dissemination. Derivative and secondary radiations have different effects on public opinion dissemination in the early stage, but promote public opinion dissemination in the later stage. The dominant immune nodes have an apparent inhibitory effect on the spread of public opinion; nevertheless, they cannot block the dissemination of public opinion.


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