Complex System Modeling and Simulation

Aims & Scope

Complex System Modeling and Simulation is a peer-reviewed international academic journal. Aiming to provide an academic exchange platform, it publishes high-level original research papers and review papers in the fields of complex system modeling, simulation, optimization and control after strict peer review. The scope includes but is not limited to the following topics in terms of theories, methods, technologies as well as applications in manufacturing systems, social systems, service systems, military systems, medical systems, energy systems, and unmanned systems, etc.

  • Complex system modeling theory and methodology
  • Complex adaptive system modeling
  • Complex engineering system modeling
  • Complex network modeling
  • Multi-agent modeling
  • Complex adaptive system simulation
  • Complex engineering system simulation
  • Complex network simulation
  • Multi-agent simulation
  • Human-machine co-simulation and digital twin
  • Complex system intelligent optimization
  • Complex system simulation based optimization
  • Complex system intelligent control
  • Complex system intelligent scheduling
  • Practical applications on complex systems