Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Simulation and perceptual evaluation of fashion shop lighting design with application of exhibition lighting techniques


fashion shop lighting, museum lighting, subjective evaluation, lighting simulation


Fashion shops employ visual merchandising strategies to display products through improvement of luminous environment, which can enable customers to better appreciate fashion products. Such a strategy can eventually increase sales. This study proposed a lighting plan for fashion shops that applies exhibition lighting techniques. First, a fashion shop lighting plan was proposed based on exhibition lighting techniques in museums, and a subjective evaluation was performed by simulation and visualising the design of fashion shop lighting considering various parameters. The characteristics of preference, perceptual clarity and visual attention were assessed for various lighting and correlated color temperature (CCT) conditions. Various display lighting methods in fashion shops for mannequins, tables and hangers were also evaluated. Then, an overall assessment for these objects based on the results of the subjective evaluation was discussed.


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