Building Simulation: An International Journal

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A BIM-GIS integrated pre-retrofit model for building data mapping


pre-retrofitting, as-is built modeling, post-occupancy evaluation, building information modeling (BIM), geographical information systems (GIS), data mapping


In response to rising energy costs and the impetus to reduce environmental impacts, upgrading the large building stock that is responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption to maximum energy efficiency is becoming an important task. Despite the many benefits associated with retrofit projects, they are still only slowly being implemented because of the many challenges that exist. One of these challenges is optimizing the decision between renovation scenarios based on economic and environmental goals, which can be made possible with an accurate pre-retrofit model. The intention of this paper is to introduce a pre-retrofit model that efficiently obtains and integrates multiple forms of building data as a critical step to develop a comprehensive understanding of a building to be renovated. Opportunities for utilizing building information modeling (BIM) and geographical information systems (GIS) for retrofitting projects were explored through the study of a historical campus building. With the use of as-is geometric data and as-is data, building data maps were obtained. The next step of this study is to use the model to conduct scenarios comparison and optimize renovation decision based on economic and environmental goals.


Tsinghua University Press