Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Improving auditorium designs with rapid feedback by integrating parametric models and acoustic simulation


auditorium design, room acoustics, parametric models, acoustic simulation, rapid feedback


Auditoriums require both acoustic performance and aesthetic values, while the efficiency of their current design process should be improved for architects to better realize these two goals. This paper first proposes a new design process for auditoriums by integrating parametric models and acoustic simulation, aiming to provide architects with rapid architectural and acoustic feedback. The new process is then implemented by: (1) programming a parametric model of auditoriums in Rhinoceros using Component-Based Method, which can generate more varied designs and better suit architects’ design practice than existing methods; (2) developing an interface connecting Rhinoceros and CATT, which adds acoustic simulation functionality on its input, manipulation and output to facilitate architects’ utilization in auditorium designs. Finally, a demonstration is conducted to verify the effectiveness of the new design process as well as the functionality of rapid feedback in its current implementation.


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