Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Effect of calculation zoning on numerical modelling of ventilation airflows


natural ventilation, numerical simulation, building models


The paper presents the results of numerical simulation of infiltration and ventilation airflows in three different objects: small single-family building, school building and multifamily building. Each of these buildings was represented by several different numerical models varying in the degree of detail of calculation zoning representation, from the simplest, single-zone models to complicated, multizone ones. The results of simulations provided the data, which enable indication how the detail of zoning of the building affects the results of calculations of ventilation airflows. Simulations were carried out in CONTAM software. The results showed that the detail of zoning causes differences in air infiltration within the range of 7%–40% for particular cases. Several guidelines concerning building numerical models for simulation of ventilation airflows were formulated.


Tsinghua University Press