Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Development of CAU_USCOP, a network-based unsteady smoke simulation program for high-rise buildings


unsteady smoke control program, network model, high-rise building, CAU_USCOP


In this study, a new network-based unsteady smoke control program, CAU_USCOP (Chung-Ang University, Unsteady Smoke Control Program), was developed for use in high-rise buildings. This program solves the unsteady conservation of mass and energy equation. Using CAU_USCOP, we then analyze the movement of smoke in a high-rise building according to the existence of a natural smoke release unit. Moreover, the strength of the stack effect is estimated using the movement of a neutral plane in a stairwell over time. The neutral plane in the case with the natural smoke release unit descends 90% less than the case without the unit, and the natural exhaust in the fire room should be helpful in reducing the risk from fire.


Tsinghua University Press