Building Simulation: An International Journal

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A passive scalar sub-grid scale model and its application to airflow simulation around a building


large eddy simulation (LES), passive scalar sub-grid scale model (PS-SGS), sheet-like structure in Taylor scale, Karman vortex-street


The airflow around a building is in high Reynolds number flow regime. It can be calculated by large eddy simulation method (LES). The air temperature around buildings is passive scalar. If the behavior of passive scalars is considered with sub-grid scale (SGS) model for LES, the calculation or the results will be improved greatly but it has not been implemented, till now. In this paper a passive scalar SGS model (PS-SGS) was derived based on the hypotheses about the sheet-like structure in Taylor scale. The kinetic-energy SGS model was improved with the derived PS-SGS. The validity of the model was checked out using the experimental data in reference. The field around a supposed two-dimensional building was estimated with the improved kinetic-energy SGS model. Karman vortex-street and some special behavior for passive scalars were distinguished with the derived model.


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