Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Analyses of smoke management models in TFT-LCD cleanroom


smoke management models, TFT-LCD cleanroom, fire dynamics simulator (FDS), SIMULEX, smoke exhaust system


This study evaluated the effectiveness and performance of smoke management models in a TFT-LCD cleanroom. Several smoke management models are discussed in a distinct 3-level cleanroom compartment. The tools used included a fire dynamics simulator (FDS) and SIMULEX. The design fires were 3 MW and 5.4 MW in ultra fast fire, respectively. In life safety, both a downward smoke exhaust system and upward smoke exhaust system, incorporating a decrease of filter fan unit air supply rate, could be used in a cleanroom, according to the simulation results of performance-based design. For occupant evacuation, the SIMULEX results showed a total evacuation time less than smoke layer descending time, which descended to 1.8 m height from floor to smoke layer in all FDS simulations. In view of property protection, insurance companies generally require significantly higher standards of property protection. For 3 MW or more heat release rate, smoke was hardly controlled by any smoke exhaust system in the cleanroom without sprinklers.


Tsinghua University Press