Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Numerical simulation and performance assessment of an absorption solar air-conditioning system coupled with an office building


TRNSYS, solar cooling, absorption


To minimize environmental impact and CO2 production associated with air-conditioning, it is reasonable to evaluate the prospects of a clean energy source. Solar energy, via thermal collectors can provide a part of the heating needs. Moreover, it can drive absorption chiller in order to satisfy the cooling needs of buildings. The objective of the work is to evaluate accurately the energy consumption of an air-conditioning system including a solar driven absorption chiller. The complete simulation environment includes the absorption chiller itself, the cooling tower, the solar collectors field, heater, storage devices, pumps, heating-cooling distribution, emission system and building. A decrease of primary energy consumption of 22% for heating and cooling is reached when using a solar air-conditioning system instead of classical heating and cooling devices. The modelling of each subsystem is detailed. TRNSYS software modular approach provides the possibility to model and simulate this complete system.


Tsinghua University Press