Building Simulation: An International Journal

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A simplified method to predict the outdoor thermal environment in residential district


microclimate, outdoor environment, solar radiation, CFD, numerical simulation


The outdoor thermal environment is very important to pedestrian’s comfort and safety. Under the fast development of urbanization it is essential to develop a quick assessment method to assist design. The present paper introduces a simplified simulation system consisting of convection, conduction and radiation to predict the outdoor thermal environment. A double mesh system for radiation simulation is used to reduce the amount of calculation and storage, meanwhile a thermal response factor method is introduced to calculate the transient heat conduction process. By taking advantage of the thermal response factor method, two kinds of simplified coupling methods are proposed. To validate the simulation system, a filed measurement was carried out and the simulation results are in compliance with the experiment. The simulation results show that the error caused by simplification is acceptable in most conditions, and a lot of coupling calculation amount could be saved.


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