Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Analysis of thermal comfort in a residential room with insect proof screen: A case study by numerical simulation methods


thermal comfort, insect proof screen, CFD, PMV


The present paper aims to investigate the characteristics of airflow inside the room with insect proof screens by employing computation fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. Insect proof screens attached to the window openings were simulated by porous media approach. The simulated pressure drop across the insect proof screen was compared with the experimental result and is having a good agreement with a maximum error of 8.77% for the air velocity of 0.15 m/s. The insect proof screen significantly reduces the airflow rate and increases the indoor air temperature by 3°C. The effect of different window sizes and porosity of the insect proof screen is included for the study of thermal comfort index, predicted mean vote (PMV). From the PMV contours, center portion of the room and portions nearer to the windows are identified as comfort zones.


Tsinghua University Press