Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Thermal performance of a mobile home with light envelope


mobile home, light envelope, PCM, dynamic energy simulation, comfort indexes


The present work analyzes, through in situ measurements, the environmental parameters of a mobile home (camper type van) characterized by a light envelope, located in Southern Italy. Through dynamic simulation, using EnergyPlus software, a few strategies to improve the inside conditions are then proposed and verified. The solution that best improves the indoor microclimate is forced ventilation combined with shading providing by simple roofing. Three envelope solutions were also analyzed: a low thermal mass (polyurethane foam), a high thermal mass (phase change material, PCM), and a medium thermal mass (mixture of polyurethane foam and PCM) solution. The material that improves the inside conditions appears to be the high thermal mass solution (pure PCM), while the mixture of polyurethane and PCM has a performance similar to that of pure polyurethane.


Tsinghua University Press