Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Simulation of the urban thermal comfort in a high density tropical city: Analysis of the proposed urban construction rules for Dhaka, Bangladesh


simulation, urban canyon, sky view factor (SVF), thermal climate, air temperature, relative humidity, temperature humidity index (THI)


The thermal comfort in urban canyons of a high density city is a very challenging issue for urban planners and designers, especially in hot humid tropical zone. The present study aims to evaluate the effects of a newly promulgated building construction rules in respect of thermal climate for Dhaka, Bangladesh, a region characterized by high density area with tropical climate. Three different urban canyons from three areas were considered which almost represents the whole city. Measurements were carried out to assess the existing thermal climate in the city canyons. Further, three model canyons were configured according to the new rules of ground coverage, floor area ratio (FAR) and site setback. A three-dimensional numerical model with high spatial and temporal resolution was used to investigate the microclimatic changes within the urban environments. Model calculations were run for a typical summer day. The thermal climate was evaluated based on air temperature T a, surface temperature T s, relative humidity RH, and wind speed in the existing and model canyons. For thermal comfort assessment the temperature humidity index (THI) was considered in this study. The results showed that the outdoor spaces of the study areas are thermally uncomfortable and the new building construction rules hardly improve the conditions in general. However, THI decreases in a canyon where sky view factor (SVF) decreases in the model canyon than the existing one. In addition, the surface temperature T s and air temperature T a do not show the same picture. Furthermore, the wind speed increases in all the model canyons as the site setback allows wind flow uniformly inside the canyons.


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