Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Finding the optimal positioning of exits to minimise egress time: A study case using a square room with one or two exits of equal size


egress simulation, egress time, optimal positioning of exits


In this paper, we use an egress computational simulation model to determine the optimal positioning of exits around the perimeter of a square room in order to minimise egress times. The solution is found through trial and error exploration of the possible significant exit locations. The egress simulations were conducted assuming idealised conditions of zero response times and population behaviour such that occupants elect to move towards their nearest exit. The analysis reveals that strategic positioning of even a single exit on the perimeter of the room can result in reduced egress times. Even greater advantage can be gained by the strategic positioning of two exits of equal size. It was also noted that the advantage offered by the identified optimal locations diminishes as the size of the exit increases while keeping the population serviced by the exits constant, or the size of the population serviced by the exit decreases while keeping the size of the exits constant.


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