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Optimization of bathroom ventilation design for an ISO Class 5 clean ward


contaminant control, CFD, hospital, clean ward, bathroom, ventilation


Ventilation is a main method to control the contaminant dispersion within clean wards. In this paper, we investigated the effects of various ventilation designs of the bathroom in an ISO Class 5 clean ward. Specifically, the contaminant dispersion and particle concentrations corresponding to three different ventilation design schemes were characterized and compared using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. For each design, we examined airflow and particle concentrations for contaminant sources located at two places (i.e., at the toilet seat and on the floor), respectively. Field test was conducted to compare the measured and simulated air velocities and particle concentrations in a hospital clean ward. The implemented CFD modeling of ventilation effects of various designs in this study has proven to accurately characterize airflow and contaminant control in the ventilated space, and has led to optimizing ventilation for the bathroom in an ISO Class 5 clean ward.


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