Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Comparative analysis of sol-air temperature in typical open and semi-closed courtyard spaces


sol-air temperature, thermal conditions near facade, microclimate semi-closed courtyard space


The building cooling load is calculated in most standards using the sol-air temperature (TSol-air), which depends on the surface properties and the building configuration. This study presents an experimental and numerical analysis to find a relationship between the aspect ratio of the courtyard and the TSol-air at different height levels. Besides, the influence of the surface reflection factor on the TSol-air is analyzed. The results show that the TSol-air inside the courtyard differs compared to the usual outside facade. This difference is increased by increasing the aspect ratio of the courtyard and can reach up to 60 ℃ at low levels of the deep courtyards. It is also found that the courtyard geometry is much more important than the thermal behavior of the materials and the TSol-air within the deep courtyard is less affected by the reflection factor of materials.