Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Metamodeling and multicriteria analysis for sustainable and passive residential building refurbishment: A case study of French housing stock


metamodeling, building refurbishment, multi-criteria decision support, sustainable building, passive building


For the energy-related issues that the world is facing nowadays, the renovation of the building stock is one of the major challenges. The objective of this study is to present an approach that helps to develop a multi-criteria decision support tool dedicated to the rehabilitation of sustainable and passive energy housing by integrating heating energy needs, economic, social and environmental criteria throughout the life cycle stages of the building. The methodology consists of developing metamodels to predict heating energy needs from polynomial regression, design of experiments method and thermo-aeraulic simulations of building behavior. This metamodel is used to carry out a combinatorial study of real technical solutions. The methodology was applied to a real-life existing building located in La Rochelle city (France) based on an in-situ energy diagnosis. Three multicriteria analysis methods were studied and compared: weighted sum, Min-Max and Pareto concept. Furthermore, technical constraints as well as owner preferences and performance constraints have been studied. Optimal technical solutions have been obtained in order to meet the various criteria studied. In addition, window shading and natural ventilation have been proposed to reduce the thermal discomfort rate in summer. This study was extended to all French regions. Finally, this method can be transformed into a decision support tool which will be useful for architects, engineers and stockholders.