Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Analysis of microclimate characteristics in solar greenhouses under natural ventilation


solar greenhouse, field tests, microclimate, natural ventilation


The solar greenhouse is a typical greenhouse type in northern China. It provides a favorable environment for the growth of various plants and extends cultivation periods for almost a whole year to achieve a high yield. However, indoor environmental control is primarily based on growers’ experience, and the objective test data required for the complex climate control and management of greenhouses are lacking. The present study used three greenhouses in northwest China as research objects: one greenhouse with mature plants (GH-M), one greenhouse with young plants (GH-Y) and one greenhouse without plants (GH-E). Field tests were performed to investigate microclimate characteristics, such as indoor air temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation under natural ventilation. The results showed that the maximum temperature difference reached approximately 8.2 °C in the vertical direction, and semiempirical equations for the normalized temperature distribution were obtained. The soil temperature remained constant at a certain depth (0.4 m). The distribution of the relative humidity and solar radiation was analyzed. The current study is helpful for growers to develop better greenhouse climate control strategies for management practices.