Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Wind environment around the setback building models


amplification factor, pedestrian level flow, setback model, velocity spectra, wind environment, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


The irregular shape of buildings always tenders an enormous challenge to the designers. The wind velocity at the pedestrian level has a specific approach from a comfortable point of view. This investigation highlighted the characteristic of the pedestrian level wind velocity for distinct types of asymmetrical setback buildings. The passed study explored the pedestrian level effect for the axisymmetric models, while this study is based on the models that have symmetry about a single axis. This study investigates the pedestrian level flow fluctuation of setback models with single and double side setbacks at multiple levels. The double-side double setback buildings are efficient to reduce 28%-30% velocity in front of the building and 68%-70% velocity behind the building. Finally it suggests that the double side double setback building is efficient to maintain the velocity at the pedestrian level, roof level, and backside of the building. The setback building can easily control the frequency of fluctuating velocity at downstream flow for both along and across wind conditions.


Tsinghua University Press