Building Simulation: An International Journal

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An efficient sensitivity analysis for energy performance of building envelope: A continuous derivative based approach


heat transfer, sensitivity analysis, continuous derivative based approach, parameter estimation problem, DuFort-Frankel numerical scheme, sensitivity coefficients


Within the framework of building energy assessment, this article proposes to use a derivative based sensitivity analysis of heat transfer models in a building envelope. Two, global and local, estimators are obtained at low computational cost, to evaluate the influence of the parameters on the model outputs. Ranking of these estimators values allows to reduce the number of model unknown parameters by excluding non-significant parameters. A comparison with variance and regression-based methods is carried out and the results highlight the satisfactory accuracy of the continuous-based approach. Moreover, for the carried investigations the approach is 100 times faster compared to the variance-based methods. A case study applies the method to a real-world building wall. The sensitivity of the thermal loads to local or global variations of the wall thermal properties is investigated. Additionally, a case study of wall with window is analyzed.


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