Building Simulation: An International Journal

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The effects of exhaust air vent location on thermal comfort inside a residential building equipped with an evaporative cooling system


thermal comfort, CFD, evaporative cooling system, exhaust air vents


The location of exhaust air vents of an evaporative cooling system can have significant effects on providing thermal comfort and controlling humidity, temperature and air distribution in buildings. In the current study, four different strategies have been evaluated for exhaust air vent locations to provide the optimum thermal comfort inside a typical residential house. This study provides a numerical solution for temperature and relative humidity profiles in the residential house and within the living space in each room typically at a height of 1.8 m or less. By evaluating different exhaust air vent locations in a room, the best strategy(ies) to provide more appropriate thermal comfort condition and obtained and as a conclusion, the exhaust vents should be located on furthest wall away from the entrance of the room and in the middle. The results provided in the current study can eventually be applied in the design of evaporative cooler exhaust vent systems in residential buildings and lead to improve the performance of these systems.


Tsinghua University Press