Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Research on optimization and design methods for air distribution system based on target values


air distribution, target value, indicator optimization


To achieve sufficient air conditioning of large buildings, reasonable air distribution in indoor spaces is an effective method for creating stratified air conditioning. Therefore, optimizing the air distribution in large buildings is extremely significant. In this paper, we expound on a new method for air distribution design and optimization based on target value evaluation and summarize the relevant design processes based on an orthogonal test and by decoupling the effects of the size of the tuyère, airflow temperature, air-supply angle and velocity on air distribution. Then, we present a design case. To optimize the distribution of a lateral air supply in winter, the deflection angle, velocity and temperature of the air supply can be determined in turn. For the large and tall building types addressed in this paper, the optimal air-supply angle is 2°, the optimal air-supply velocity is 8 m/s, and the optimal air-supply temperature is 19 °C.


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