Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Fast prediction for multi-parameters (concentration, temperature and humidity) of indoor environment towards the online control of HVAC system


HVAC system, indoor air pollution, thermal comfort, indoor humidity, control


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the most energy-consuming building implements for the improvement of indoor environmental quality (IEQ). We have developed the optimal control strategies for HVAC system to respectively achieve the optimal selections of ventilation rate and supplied air temperature with consideration of energy conservation, through the fast prediction methods by using low-dimensional linear ventilation model (LLVM) based artificial neural network (ANN) and low-dimensional linear temperature model (LLTM) based contribution ratio of indoor climate (CRI(T)). To be continued for integrated control of multi-parameters, we further developed the fast prediction model for indoor humidity by using low-dimensional linear humidity model (LLHM) and contribution ratio of indoor humidity (CRI(H)), and thermal sensation index (TS) for assessment. CFD was used to construct the prediction database for CO2, temperature and humidity. Low-dimensional linear models (LLM), including LLVM, LLTM and LLHM, were adopted to expand database for the sake of data storage reduction. Then, coupling with ANN, CRI(T) and CRI(H), the distributions of indoor CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity were rapidly predicted on the basis of LLVM-based ANN, LLTM-based CRI(T) and LLHM-based CRI(H), respectively. Finally, according to the self-defined indices (i.e., EV, ET, EH), the optimal balancing between IEQ (indicated by CO2 concentration, PMV and TS) and energy consumption (indicated by ventilation rate, supplied air temperature and humidity) were synthetically evaluated. The total HVAC energy consumption could be reduced by 35% on the strength of current control strategies. This work can further contribute to development of the intelligent online control for HVAC systems.


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