Building Simulation: An International Journal

Volume 13, Issue 4 (2020)

Review Article


A review of operational energy consumption calculation method for urban buildings
Ziwei Li, Borong Lin, Shanwen Zheng, Yanchen Liu, Zhe Wang, and Jian Dai

Research Articles


Appliance use behavior modelling and evaluation in residential buildings: A case study of television energy use
Yuan Jin, Jieyan Xu, Da Yan, Hongsan Sun, Jingjing An, Jianghui Tang, and Ruosi Zhang


Effect of enhanced supply air filtration in buildings on protecting citizens from environmental radioactive particles
Ilpo Kulmala, Tomasz Zwęgliński, Marcin Smolarkiewicz, Hannu Salmela, Tapio Kalliohaka, Aimo Taipale, Jari Kataja, and Vesa Mäkipää


On the use of particle-wall interaction models to predict particle-laden flow in 90-deg bends
Marcos Batistella Lopes, Viviana Cocco Mariani, Kátia Cordeiro Mendonça, and Claudine Béghein

Position Paper

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