Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Multiple-criteria decision analysis of BIM influences in building energy management


Building Information Modeling, housing, measurement, Key Performance Indicator


The Building Energy Management (BEM) of existing housings is facing influences of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Because of increasing building energy consumption and its responsibility for more environmental issues, BEM needs to be optimized. BIM might be an opportunity for such an optimization. In order to successfully execute the BIM implementation in BEM, a quantitative measurement of BIM influences is needed, while currently in lack. The purpose of this paper is to solve the quantitative measurement problem by a metric system. Using Multiple Criteria Analysis, this metric system aims to measure BIM influences in BEM, especially of existing housings. In real case study of a French social housing manager Pluralis, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurement results are obtained in scores and displayed also in chart. The consistency of measurement results and identified real issues confirms the feasibility and credibility of this metric system in measuring BEM and indicating the priority optimization aspects, such as cost and interoperability. Quantitative distinguish between performance and competence is down, which is essential for BIM implementation.


Tsinghua University Press