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Development of a self-organized network to optimize the data transmission in BECMP based on minimum spanning tree algorithm


BECMP, data congestion, flat structure, self-organized, minimum spanning tree algorithm


The BECMP (building energy consumption monitoring platform) is a valuable tool that can bring about a remarkable improvement in terms of energy conservation. With the growth in scale and use BECMP, data packet loss is becoming an ever-increasing and more serious problem. Large-scale BECMPs are typically configured using a hierarchical structure, making it susceptible to problems such as congestion and packet loss due to malfunctions in the link layer. These problems lead to a loss in efficiency of maintenance, thus eroding the gains realized by BECMP. In this paper, a decentralized and self-organized network structure is proposed. Rather than a hierarchical structure, a flat topology is implemented to improve robustness and the efficiency of data transmission. A corresponding routing strategy based on the minimum spanning tree algorithm has been developed and validated. Simulation results have shown that the proposed network is able to adapt to interference within the network and achieve a better overall performance.


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