Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Comprehensive study of the impacts of surrounding structures on the aero-dynamic performance and flow characteristics of an outdoor unit of split-type air conditioner


outdoor unit of split-type air conditioner, axial-flow fan, grille, air throw distance, deflecting-ring’s width, condenser obstruction


Current paper numerically investigated the effect of three main surrounding structures (exhaust grille, deflecting-ring, and heat exchanger) on airflow characteristics passing through the outdoor unit of split-type air conditioner. Characteristic curves of the fan were obtained, and then simulation results were successfully validated compared to experimental data. Three types of grilles (a circular grille, a rectangular grille, and a proposed novel grille) were evaluated and comprised with two parameters of non-dimensional aero-dynamic and air throw distances. Results indicated the superiority of proposed grille and circular grille, respectively in two mentioned parameters. Increment of the deflecting-ring’s width increased the non-dimensional aero-dynamic performance, the efficiency, and the turbulence intensity and vice versa. Decrement of deflecting ring’s width led to decreasing in these parameters except turbulence intensity. Besides, condenser blockage made a decrease in the non-dimensional aero-dynamic performance and increase in the total pressure coefficient.


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