Building Simulation: An International Journal

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Virtual reconstruction of indoor acoustics in cathedrals: The case of the Cathedral of Granada


virtual modeling, acoustic environment, acoustic simulation, cultural heritage


Virtual acoustics provides a highly useful tool for the investigation into the influence that spatial transformations may exert on indoor acoustics of cathedrals, which are remarkable spaces due to their heritage value, complexity and multifunctional character. The spatial organization of cathedrals is primarily governed by the location of the choir, which represents the main musical expression. Following various reforms, certain European cathedrals undertook a relocation of the choir stalls from their original position. The Cathedral of Granada is a highly significant case. Since its original construction, three major changes have occurred due to the relocation of the choir. In this article, simulation of indoor acoustics is employed to recover the soundfield in each of these three configurations. An extensive analysis compares the results of the main acoustic parameters in each of the virtual reconstruction models. Consequently, acoustic models are created and then calibrated based on a campaign of onsite measurements.


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